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Hi there! My name is Mark Melnikov, I'm a concept artist and props maker with 5+ years working in the industry of entertainment.

I have always been attracted by imaginary worlds because of an opportunity to create them from scratch. Incorporating the fact that  I have grown up as visual-oriented person, the most attractive art fields for me are sculpture, concept art and mixed media. 


I never pass up an opportunity to improve my qualities in different fields of art. From my own experience I found out that it is impossible to foresee, which skill you will need in the future. So I developed into a cross-functional worker with background in many areas related to art and design.

I provide services for concept art, production of miniatures and sculptures, decorations. Also I have an experience working as a props maker and on-set decorator for theatre and video production.


I am always open for new commissions, so if you have an interesting project I can help you with, feel free to contact me:

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